— Our Rockets —

Made of the finest materials - phenolic cardboard, PLA, acrylic, and the most important component of all: the blood, sweat and tears of Imperial Aeronautical Engineers
Although we always try to launch our rockets as soon as posisble, once everything is safe and ready, the weather almost never agrees (except in summer!)

Sporadic Impulse

"Because it's throttleable... get it?"

Sporadic Impulse is our upcoming hybrid powered rocket with an in-house developed hybrid engine. Standing over 3 meters tall, it will carry a 4 kg payload to an altitude of 3000 meters using a throttleable N2O-paraffing hybrid and 2 solid K-class boosters for addtional thrust at liftoff.

TBL: July 2020.


"Pierce Brosnan"

November Rocket was designed to test alternative recovery systems that would not fit into the A.P.O.G.E.E., specifically CO2 canister based recovery. It used the Eggtimer altimiter for recovery control, and later was set up for black powder recovery tests as well. It also have a heavy configuration with similarly integrated booster fins.

Initial Launch Attempts: 10 November 2019, 1 December 2019
TBL: 1 March 2020

A.P.O.G.E.E. Heavy

"More Boosters!"

A.P.O.G.E.E. Heavy is a reconfiguration of the original A.P.O.G.E.E. for us to gain experience with simultaneous ignition of booster motors. Using the modular fin can, integrated booster fins were added to supply an extra 90 N of thrust at liftoff from 3 D class motors.

Initial Launch Attempt: 10 November 2019, 1 December 2019
TBL: 1 March 2020


"A particularly obstinate gravitas exemption edict"

A.P.O.G.E.E. is our very first high-powered rocket, designed to test key recovery and airframe components for future (larger) rockets. It uses Cesaroni P38 reloadable motors, usually flying on 4 grain I-class motors. A.P.O.G.E.E. has a transparent body tube section to capture in-flight video, a 3D printed modular fin can, and a dual-recovery, single ejection system using the motor ejection charge and a Jolly Logic Chute Release.

Initial Launch Attempt: 24 March 2019
Successfully Launched: 24 March 2019
Imperial College London Rocketry - a Department of Aeronautics project
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