— About us —

Imperial College London Rocketry (ICLR) is a student design team composed primarily of undergraduate students at the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London, UK. Since its creation in 2018, we have grown to a solid team of more than 100 students who work on this project aside their studies. Our primary goal is to design, build, and launch a rocket powered by our in-house throttleable hybrid engine to a target altitude of 10,000 ft at the Spaceport America Cup in June 2021.

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Upcoming Events

Mid-air Recovery attempt (Drone Recovery), November rocket  launch --- TBA due to Covid-19     

Curious how we are going to fly?

— Our rockets —

a quick preview of our latest and upcoming rockets!
Find our entire collection of rockets here!

Made of the finest materials - phenolic cardboard, PLA, acrylic, and the most important component of all: the blood, sweat and tears of Imperial Aeronautical Engineers 

November Rocket

"Pierce Brosnan"

November Rocket was designed to test alternative recovery systems that would not fit into the A.P.O.G.E.E., specifically CO2 canister based recovery. It used the Eggtimer altimiter for recovery control, and later was set up for black powder recovery tests as well. It also have a heavy configuration with similarly integrated booster fins.

Sporadic Impulse

"Because it's throttleable... get it?"

Sporadic Impulse is our upcoming hybrid powered rocket with an in-house developed hybrid engine. Standing over 3 meters tall, it will carry a 4 kg payload to an altitude of 3000 meters using a throttleable N2O-paraffing hybrid and 2 solid K-class boosters for addtional thrust at liftoff. Expected maiden launch is July 2020 

— Our Teams —

lifting us on their shoulders


Innovative throttleable hybrid solid rocket motor

the point of the rocket

Payload and Electronics—

Telemetry, sensors and awesome video footage!

the actual point of the rocket

Airframe and Recovery―

Optimised and tuned for maximum performance and reliability

is everyone on the same page?

—Systems and Integration—

Ensuring everything meshes together and synergises perfectly

letting the world know

—Marketing and Comms—

Outreach, merchandising and hype!

Special thanks to all our sponsors and supporters!

Imperial College London Rocketry - a Department of Aeronautics project
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